Amy at BlogHer Food Party 2010

    I’ve been cooking since I can remember. Before laptops and weblogs, I would keep journals and sketchbooks, and collage cookbooks full of recipes – original and otherwise. I started this blog in 2008, right as food blogs were exploding, Twitter was just gaining traction and Foodbuzz was in its heyday. Do you remember those days?

    A lot has changed over the last five years. Pinterest has arrived. Foodbuzz has departed. But much has stayed the same. Matt Armandariz is still the nicest and most inspirational blogger and food photographer in America. The best food blogs in the world (like 101 Cookbooks, Simply Recipes, Smitten Kitchen and The Pioneer Woman) are still going strong. Viviane Bauquet-Farre is still the nicest food blogger on Twitter and Foodwishes is still the best food vlogger out there.

    My focus has shifted over the years. What started as a cooking video sharing site has transitioned to a photography-heavy, most original recipe and cooking tips blog. Pumpkin has dominated the blog since a marathon blogging event in October of 2009, but I still like to dabble with almost any seasonal ingredient.

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