Choo Choo Train Brownies

Choo Choo Train Brownies

Choo Choo Train Brownies

Okay. My 4-year-old is home for the summer, so how do we spend our time? Why, baking, of course. Today, he begged me to break out the train cake mold I haven’t used since his 2nd birthday. My complaint about cake molds like this one (and Williams-Sonoma has a new cakelette mold on offer every season. Currently, they are selling a caterpillar cakelette mold) is that the little cakes are difficult to ice and come out pretty dry. So today, when confronted with this cake mold again, I immediately thought, “Brownies!” They are the perfect solution because icing them is not a necessity and it’s easier to keep brownies moist (or downright fudgy if you like them the way I do). In fact, this particular mold is the perfect size for fudgy brownies, because the individual train cars are small enough to be single-serving, yet large enough to leave the very center just a little bit under-cooked (when cooked for 25 minutes at 350˚F).

I’ll be honest. I used a brownie mix as the basis for today’s adventure, with a few minor additions to make the brownies come out the way I like them. I used Marie Callender’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix.

Marie Callenders Brownie Mix

Marie Callender's Brownie Mix

I followed the directions on the package, but substituted melted butter for the vegetable oil (the same measurement) and folded in 3/4 cup of Nestlée Toll House Semi-Sweet morsels.

There was not enough batter to fill every train car, but it didn’t matter.

Just Out of the Oven

Just Out of the Oven

I was pleasantly surprised by the chocolaty quality of the finished product. I usually use Ghirardelli chocolate and go to a lot of fuss, but these were just as good and a lot simpler. My son had a lot of fun helping. Williams-Sonoma doesn’t sell this pan anymore, but Amazon does:

Click on Photo to see Pan:
Choo Choo Train Brownies

Choo Choo Train Brownies

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8 thoughts on “Choo Choo Train Brownies

  1. Michelle

    What a great way to spend time with your little guy. My daughter loves to bake with me too. We even have matching aprons! Love the idea of using your pan for brownies instead of cake.

  2. eatlivetravelwrite

    Oh that’s lovely – reminds me a little bit of the Marks and Spencer “Caterpillar Cake” they used to make about 10 years ago… Now I’m off to check out the Williams Sonoma molds….

  3. Viviane Bauquet Farre

    I love this post… The brownies look great and I bet your son had a fabulous time helping and eating! I’ll have to try fun cake molds next time my nieces come for a visit!

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